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IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER OF 2014 The Fly Shop organized and launched the first exploratory season on the Rio Marié. During only five weeks, 39 fly fishermen helped us check out, learn about, and fish nearly 800 kilo- meters (497 miles) of river. We hoped it would be the best peacock fishery ever discovered, and we weren’t disappointed. It was peacock paradise.
The first week’s report was mind-boggling: 24 fish over 10 pounds / 19 fish over 13 pounds / 6 over 18 pounds / and one tipping the scales at 22.5 pounds (a new IGFA 20# Class World Record).
Each succeeding week was much like the first, and incredible numbers of monster peacocks were caught and released.
The tally of huge peacock bass landed during the inaugural season separated it quickly from every other river on Earth.
During just 5 weeks in the fall of 2014 our 39 guests landed and released 2,133 butterfly pea- cock bass, and 219 trophy Temensis. 91 of them weighed between 10 and 20 pounds, plus an unbelievable 24 giants between 20 and 25 pounds. Truly remarkable! Off the charts, and exactly what the scientists predicted.
Simply stated, the Marié has proven itself to be one of the world’s most exciting peacock fisheries. And every inch is dedicated to fly fishing only.
June 2014
A COALITION OF MORE than a dozen villages, indigenous native groups, organ- izations in the Rio Marié basin and the government of Brazil met and entered into a historic agreement with Untamed Angling (the same South American outfit- ters who introduced the fly fishing world to La Zona in Argentina and Tsimane in Bolivia), and created the very first – and only – legally exclusive fishing area in the entire Amazon Basin.
Too, this was the first time, and the first river in the Amazon where the Brazilian government had collaborated with local Native Communities to protect both the interests of the indigenous natives while simultaneously creating a preserve and establishing a fly fishing only and catch- and-release fishery.
These two 25 and 23 pound peacock bass may have been the largest fly caught, double hook-up in history! Rio Marié, September, 2014
Marcelo Perez photos
What is even more amazing is that this 800 km.-long river is recognized by the Brazilian government fishery experts to be the finest trophy Peacock Bass fishery in the Amazon, and probably the world. The watershed covers over 4.5 million acres, 800 kilometers of river, more than 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries. Much of it is has yet to be fished and is still unexplored.
Vital in Brazil’s decision to award Untamed Angling this historic concession was their progressive fishery management proposal, targeting trophy peacock bass as a sustainable resource, and their suc- cess in dealing with the Tsimane natives of Bolivia.
Untamed Angling, in turn has selected The Fly Shop as their exclusive North American angling agency.

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