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WE DEDICATED THIS MAGAZINE totheflyfishingopportunities in South America. The jungles of Brazil, Columbia, and Bolivia are truly the new frontier in our sport. The fish are fierce, and the ex- perience is totally foreign to most of our friends. So, too, are most of the places we’re introducing to you.
Fishing for freshwater dorado (not to be confused with Mahi Mahi or dol- phin fish) incorporates every skill as a fly fisherman that most serious an- glers have in their tool belt and brings into play all of the most enjoyable aspects of the sport. Sight fishing (for great big, gold fish) in clear mountain streams and rivers (where you can wade wet, or walk the banks), using light tackle (8 weights and floating lines) for fish that will tear you a new asshole. If you want to practice landing these babies, just head for the nearest free- way overpass and drop your line down into traffic.
Peacock bass aren’t new to fly fishing, but we’re introducing you to a cou- ple of new spots in this magazine where the fish aren’t hammered by wood- choppers and lures; where the fish are larger than anywhere else in the world; where the only tackle you can use is fly gear, and where every fish caught has to be released.
We’ve got places to tell you about that are deep in the jungle and have red hot fish with names you can’t pronounce that will rip the rod out of your hand or break it. Or both.
Too, there is the trout fishing in that broad band of southern Chile and Argentina known to most as Patagonia where geography, culture, and angling all coalesce like nowhere else in the Americas. Where our lodges and outfit- ters have been setting new standards in angling excellence for decades. Where there are big, head-shaking sea-run brown trout, spectacular dry fly fishing on the pampas, and where the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll see, and the fish you’ll catch are special.
IF YOU’D LIKE TO KNOW more about any of the places that we introduce in the next forty plus pages, want to make reservations, check on dates, or just talk about these spots and find out which place is best for you, just call toll-free: 800-669-3474 or e-mail us: and we’ll give you honest answers and helpful information.
Experience. We’ve been there. The team of experts here at The Fly Shop has more experience, a better understanding, and more in-depth knowledge about the destinations in this magazine than anyone else in the business.
Ethics. The Fly Shop team of angling travel specialists is the customers’ advocate in the search for the right fly fishing destination, at the best time, and we will work within your budget and guarantee that we’ll get you the best possible price and package. We’ve been proving for 37 years that customer satisfaction is our motive.
Objectivity. We have seen virtually every lodge and al- ternative destination on the angling map. When we recommend a destination, you can count on it being the best choice and we’ll tell you why. We are in your corner and our advice is fair and impartial.
Muscle. When things go wrong, and they sometimes do, who better to have in your corner than the team here at The Fly Shop.
Honesty. We’re a company you can trust. The guys you talk to at The Fly Shop are the only angling travel agents in the fly fishing in- dustry who aren’t moti- vated by commission.
From a former President of the United States to the landscaping laborer that travels with us every year, our clients rave about the places we send
them and the job we do.
Price. There’s no less ex- pensive way to book a trip to any destination we offer.
Torres del Paine, Chile.
The southernmost mountain horizon in the Americas is also the border separating Chile from Argentina
Cover photo and Torres del Paine photo courtesy of Val Atkinson

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