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Though their ancestors were stocked, these trout aren’t triploids, sterilized, or genetically altered fish. Rainbows were first stocked in these lakes, streams, and spring creeks nearly 20 years ago. Trout in the wild rarely arrive to 8 years, and generations have spawned suc- cessfully, further testimony to the health of the fisheries.
With it’s abundance of food, well-oxygenated water, and remote locations, these lakes and streams are the perfect environment for ridicu- lously huge and incredibly strong trout that seem to have no limit to their size or strength. All that protein translates into an abundance of energy, and extremely acrobatic, beautifully proportioned whoppers.
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GETTING THERE IS EASY. The modern Calafate airport was built to service a daily deluge of tourists destined for the resort community and ice fields in the park. There are several (3.5 hour) Buenos Aires flights every day to Calafate and representatives from both lodges will be on hand to meet and transfer their guests by vehicle to their respective lodging. The distance is slightly less than 400 kilometers and the drive takes about four and a half hours to either estancia.
Anglers may choose to combine visits to Estancia Laguna Verde and Kooi Noom staying several days at one, then moving to the other. Coincidentally, many of the Calafate flights continue south to Ushuaia or Ciudad Rio Grande, and it is also easy to combine either of the trophy rainbow trout trips with a second week of trophy sea trout fishing at one of the Estancia Maria Behety lodges.
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