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TH E L I M AY R I V E R is rated by veteran Argentina anglers as one of the richest fishing resources in Northern Patagonia. The most attractive fly fishing are is the isolated, lower portion of the Limay below Pichi Picun Leufu Dam. The tailwater nature of this fishery helps insure consistent flows, ideal water temperatures, and clarity as the river travels through the rugged, near-roadless, semi-arid terrain of the Patagonia high steppe before emptying into the fertile lake formed by El Chocon Dam.
The lower Limay is ideal trout habitat and develops super-healthy populations of resident brown and rainbow trout. This section is often broad and covered with the rings
of rising trout. Some of these fish are enormous double-digit monsters that spend much
of the year in the giant, fertile lake below before beginning a mid-summer migration. Occasionally the river breaks into a series of intimate channels. This is surface action at its best, with large fish feeding on large foam terrestials all day long. It is simply one of the most unique and rewarding fly fishing experiences in all of Patagonia!
This off-the-beaten-track section of the Limay has been relatively inaccessible in the past, and considered a tiresome angling destination until this year when, under the guidance of famed Argentine outfitter Jorge Trucco, a new lodge was created in the heart of the angling. Improved and near-exclusive access points will allow guests at the Limay River Lodge to fish “Montana-style”, using drift boats, utilizing a cadre of talented, English-speaking Argentine guides.
limay river lodge
This new addition to the world of Argentina fly fishing is the brainchild of master outfitter, Jorge Trucco, and offers predictably superb accommodations, wonderful meals, terrific guides, and convenient access to a 50-mile stretch of one of the finest rivers in Patagonia.
Few Argentine outfitters command more respect and admiration than Jorge Trucco. He was among the first of his generation of accom- plished, professional fly fishing guides in Patagonia and part of a crowd of intrepid anglers that made fishing below the Southern Cross an irresistible experience. He was Patagonia before Patagonia was cool.
Now under his skillful watch, the new Limay River Lodge has been fashioned, incorporating both the hard-core angling tradition and that same standard of overall excellence that has been his hallmark for decades.
 $6,230 per week, January through mid-April  $890 per night, January through mid-April
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