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Patagonian BaseCamp
This is the perfect spot for the angler seeking diversity, solitude,
and a combination of comfort and hard-core South American fly fishing!
Bryan Gregson photo
PATAGONIAN BASECAMP is in the sel- dom-visited Palena Province, and reached by way of a spectacular charter flight from Puerto Montt. Hands down, this place rates as one of the finest fly fishing experiences in the entire Southern Hemisphere.
It is a remarkable adventure, run by a true professional with superb lodging, amazing scenery, excellent guides, and terrific fishing. There’s something here for every fly fisherman, and not enough can be said about the relative isolation of this lodge and the diversity of the nearby angling options.
High on the list for most fly rodders are jet boat trips up canyons that can’t otherwise be reached except on foot or horseback, and daily floats on nearby streams.
Drift trips are full day affairs in the local mountain valley rivers, or can be extended to include a stay at one of several overnight camps built on sections of wilderness rivers seen by only a few lodge guests each summer. Adventurous, physically-fit anglers are welcome to hike the nearby creek tribs or plan horseback trips to high lakes and even more distant streams, from November through April.
The lodge itself is tucked away in a remote valley midway between the coastline and the Andes. It is one of the most scenic and isolated locations in Chile, and perhaps all of Patagonia, surrounded by rainforest, snow-capped moun- tains and the ideal habitat for a mix of trophy rainbows and muscle-bound brown trout.
There are few people in the region and angling pressure is all but non-existent on the spider-web of streams and rivers that is within easy driving distance of the lodge. This is the perfect spot for the angler seeking diversity, solitude, and a hard- core South American fly fishing adventure

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