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New to the options at Patagonian BaseCamp is the addition of an incredible lodge option just beyond the cordillera in Argentina.
Call us for details.
THE FISH YOU’LL SEE inthisareaarewild, and largely untouched; accurate presentations usually assure success. You need to be prepared for all types of fishing here. At any given time, on any of the fisheries, fish may be looking up and smashing skated dries; cruising deeper, requiring sinking tip lines and streamers; or sipping drifting terrestrials off the banks Plan on using boats a lot here, whether actually casting from them, or simply using them for transportation to wading areas, as they are a necessary component to accessing the generally wilderness waters.
For those who want to see Patagonia from a different angle, The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge has an extensive "non-fly fishing" pro- gram, including horse riding, bird and porpoise watching, river floating and rafting, hiking, visiting thermal baths, and during the right season, whale watching. However, for a relax- ing non-fishing day in the wilderness, you do not have to leave the premises – the wood- heated hot tub and sauna on the river bank will give you that feeling of being completely away.
Patagonian BaseCamp is a small occupancy lodge, with a serious and incredibly diverse fishing package that has made it popular and well- known in the fly fishing world. Handling up to 10 guests, the two- story facility is warm and inviting, with spacious, well-appointed rooms overlooking the river.
The lodge features just about every imag- inable comfort you can think of, including a sauna, hot tub, private rooms with full baths, unlimited hot-water showers, ther- apeutic massages, and daily laundry service. Your hostess, Carolina, cooks up amazing and sumptuous meals every morn- ing and night, the latter capped by desserts you won’t soon for-
get! The best Chilean
wines are
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The local map is dotted with spring creeks, small streams, and large, free- stone rivers in every direc- tion. Some of this fishing is further divorced from outside fishing pressure by rapids requiring whitewa- ter experience and skill, while other places demand technical jet boat maneu- vering that separates the men from the boys.

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