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We check them you don’t have to.
JUST ABOUT THE TIME YOU THINK anglershavefinallysteppedoverthemost distant horizon in the sport of fly fishing, somebody steps into print with a breath- takingnewdestination,anexcitingnewspecies,orintroduceswhatmaybeabetter place to hook up with a bunch of trophy bonefish, trout, taimen, tarpon, queenfish or carp. This new issue of our fishing magazine is all about the jungle, angling in the tropics, dorado, peacock bass, and the top trout spots in Patagonia.
The discovery and introduction of these new targets and destinations does more than sell fishing trips, it constantly reinvigorates and adds excitement to the sport. These new places often demand that we refine our techniques and improve our tackle. What we use to conquer the challenges and fish we find beyond the horizon just adds to the tools we use to outfox our fish close to home.
The truth is most of the new places we read and are told about are exactly as advertised. But most isn’t good enough for us. Here in my department at The Fly Shop, each of the new spots we’re told about presents a unique due diligence problem; somebody on our staff has to check them out.
It’s part of the job. But to be able to accurately represent any place, we need to become thoroughly familiar with the airline schedules, the very best connections, the hotels, trans- fers, and en route intricacies, as well as the best times to visit our lodges and camps. We need to know the rods, reels, lines, leaders, and flies that you’ll need on these trips in order to be able to accurately discuss and prepare our clients for the experience.
We do the work and completely check out every place we recommend so that you don’t have to. In the process, we’ve been proving for 35 years that we’re guys you can count on and trust.
Our travel specialists have their finger on the pulse that measures the sport, and more than 150 years of collective international fishing travel. The next time you are planning an angling holiday give us the opportunity to put that experience to work for you, helping to choose the place the best fits your interests, skills, and wallet. Ask us for our objective, ex- pert comparisons and recommendations. It doesn’t cost a cent.
Pat Pendergast
Director of International Travel The Fly Shop
MIKE MICHALAK  MangroveCay,Tsimane,Mataveni (Columbia) Kamchatka, Rio Marie', Louisiana
No one is more critical of our lodges and destinations and Mike sets the standard with regard to complete investigation of every fishing location our staff frequents.
PAT PENDERGAST  Tsimane, Frontier Farwest, Trouters Patagonia, El Saltamontes, Paradise Lodge, Patagonian BaseCamp, Patagonia One, Estancia Maria Behety Lodge, and La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety Pat has a rare, accumulated wealth of knowledge covering every aspect of the world of fly fishing. He’s been everywhere on the angling map, and has represented the top angling travel destinations more than two decades.
MIKE MERCER  Patagonia River Guides, Montana, Mataveni (Columbia)
Fishing travel isn’t what Mike Mercer does, it’s who he is! There isn’t anyone beyond the confines of The Fly Shop who is as familiar with the world of fly fishing or who can better point you in the right direction.
MICHAEL CARANCI ■ Andros Island, Mongolia, Rio Marié, Kamchatka, Tsimane, Belize, Guatemala, and Pi- rarucu
Michael is a gifted angler. He’s as expert on Kamchatka trout fishing as he is knowledgeable about peacock bass or bone- fish. Michael is the perfect person to answer any of your ques- tions about either our fresh and salt water lodges and camps.
J U S T I N M I L L E R ■ Kamchatka, Kola Peninsula, Mexico, Norway, Finland, British Columbia, Brazil Justin is the consummate angler, and lives to fish. He’s our resident steelhead fanatic, worked for a decade in Kamchatka, and has visited nearly every destination in our portfolio.
E I L E E N B O R N ■ Travel Coordinator
Eileen may be the most important person for all of our trav- eling anglers, helping coordinate everyone’s travel itineraries and specific requests to each and every lodge around the world. She travels a million miles a day in communicating with our lodges and outfitters across the globe. She makes sure everyone gets where they need to be, are met by various lodge staff and representatives, and well-cared for in every aspect of their journey and their stay.
MICHELLE QUINLIVAN ■ Travel Accountant Michelle manages the billing for all of our guests, and payments for all of the lodges. We’re proud to have the best reputation in the entire fly fishing industry for paying outfit-
ters promptly, and Michelle is the reason why.

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