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Tsimane blends, like no other jungle fishing destination on Earth, the best aspects of fly fishing. It is a spectacular combination of sight casting, freestone wading, light tackle, floating lines, clear mountain rivers, and spectacular angling for what might be the most exciting fish that swims in fresh water.
TSIMANE IS LOCATED in the heart of Bolivia’s Indigenous Territory and their largest national park. It’s a spot where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes. The fishing is done in clear mountain rivers and streams using light (8 weight) tackle to cast to fish that are either visible in the shal- low water, busting bait, or lying in ambush behind or below structure. It’s a combination of the best aspects of steelhead, salmon, and bass fishing done in a tropical, jungle set- ting surrounded by exotic birdlife, wildlife, and set to a cacophony of jungle noise.
It is, arguably, the most amazing and most exciting freshwater fly fishing destina- tion that has entered the world of interna- tional angling in a generation.
The main lodges feature cabins made from hand hewn local timber, rooms with private bathrooms and hot showers, satellite tele- phone and internet as well as fine cuisine.
“My visit to Tsimane in the summer of 2015 was, perhaps, the finest fishing trip of my entire life.”
- Mike Michalak
Val Atkinson photos
Anglers choose to stay at either the deluxe Pluma Lodge for the week, or a combination of two Agua Negra Lodges (Agua Negra Lodge and Secúre Lodge) spending half the week at each lodge with the option to boat and hike to either of two head- waters camps on the Upper Secúre and Upper Agua Negra Rivers.
Those fishermen based at Pluma Lodge make daily forays to one of three very different, nearby rivers (The Pluma, Rio Itirizama, and the lower sec- tion of the Secúre River) and also have the option of hiking and boating for an overnight stay at either of two intimate headwater camps (on the Upper Pluma and Upper Itirizama Rivers).
Anglers choosing the Agua Negra River Lodges (Agua Negra Lodge and Secure Lodge) spend half the week at each lodge with the option to boat and hike to either of two headwaters camps on the Upper Secure and Upper Agua Negra Rivers.

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