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The Rio Marié is the ultimate trophy peacock bass fishery
Brazil’s Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, has conducted several studies in the region and concluded the Rio Marié holds at least twice the number of trophy-sized peacocks as any other river in the entire Amazon basin.
AGUA BOA LODGE is the only other dedicated fly fishing only river and lodge in Brazil. This superb facility was recently selected by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 10 fishing lodges in the world, and it was a well-deserved honor. Guest accommodations are second to none in Brazil and the swimming pool and cocktail lounge are welcome sights at the end of a tropical, fish-weary afternoon. The well-trained, English-speaking, native Indian guides are dedicated fly fishermen and the Peacock fishing is terrific.
The Agua Boa River is bordered by a primal hardwood forest reach- ing hundreds of feet to the sky and shelters a white sand-bottomed and clear fishery. In fact, The Agua Boa rates as one of the finest sight fishing experiences in this facet of the sport. There are remarkable numbers of fish and its clarity makes Agua Boa particu- larly well-suited to fly fishing, further setting it apart from other peacock spots. Sight-casting to cruising peacock bass (tucunaré) as they glide across the sandy-bottomed shallows is an experience that will test both your tackle and your ticker.
Anglers taxi in pairs to their daily fishing beats in swift, new outboard skiffs, custom-crafted for Amazon rivers and outfitted for this particular fly fishing experience. Electric motors and push-pole platforms enhance the sight-fishing potential and they guides are, hands down, one of the finest teams of English-speaking, fly-savvy fishing Peacock Bass experts in all of Latin America. Each team is rounded out by the company of a friendly,ultra- knowledgeable river-wise native with a wealth of experience on the Marié.
We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what the river has to offer, and already realize the Rio Marié is the ultimate trophy Peacock Bass fish- ery. Even the locals call it “El Rio de Gigantes!”
rio marié
The 2015 fishing package includes excellent overnight accommodations in Manaus prior to the round trip flight to Sao Gabriel and boat transfer upriver. Mothership accommodations will be superb, and the entire operation is kept to exceptionally high standards. The professional, English speaking, fly fish- ing guides are supplemented by native boatmen using state-of-the-art fly fishing skiffs. We promise superb meals, fine wines, and all beverages. Weekly schedules begin in September and continues through the dry season ending in mid-December.
 7-day all-inclusive package $6,695
Not included is a $670 per person license and trespass fee required by FUNAI and the Marié Indigenous Native Association.
agua boa lodge
The talented Agua Boa Lodge staff caters only to fly rodders and offers sight-fishing for an endless supply of muscle-bound Tucunaré on nearby sand bars. Their boats and equipment are first-class and guests return from fishing each day to fine dining, cold drinks, a top-notch facility and swimming pool.
Clients are met in Manaus, spend the night at a fine hotel and are then transported by charter flight to the remote Amazon tributary location as part of this first-class package.
 7-day package
Oct.-Dec. Jan.-March $4,850 $5,750

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