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Rio Marié
The top peacock bass fishery in the world!
THE HEADWATERS OF THE RIO MARIÉ begin on the distant border separating Brazil and Columbia. From those Andean foothills, the river flows southeast for more
than 800 kilometers through verdant rainforest
before joining the Rio Negro.
There is no more isolated fishery in the entire
Amazon basin. There are no roads, no airstrips, and the only way to get to the Marié in the past has been by boat or float plane.
It is also the finest trophy Peacock Bass fishery on the planet Earth, and until this past fall, the spotted and striped monsters swimming in the Rio Marié had seldom seen a lure. In fact, the Brazilian government and organizations charged with protecting the culture of these native tribes had prevented all but a few fish- ermen from ever visiting this cloistered jungle river.
Then, a historic agreement was crafted last year between the government, natives, biologists, and the guys from Untamed Angling establishing the largest
catch-and-release, fly fishing only fishing preserve on planet Earth. The rest is recent history.
What we encountered when we went to the Marié was amazing and confirmed the rumors of mega-bass and the opinions of Brazilian fish- eries biologists. It’s the ultimate trophy Peacock Bass fishery. We settled that in practical terms last fall by landing more large bass than anyone could
have possibly anticipated.
Now, with a full season of experience under our belt
we feel strongly that the phenomenal number of huge Peacock Bass that were landed in our inaugural season is just a start, and we expect to completely re-write the record books next season!
Each week our Amazon adventure begins with the Mothership anchored in a fresh location. There’s no competition and with hundreds of miles of fish-filled river anglers are able to move daily to new fishing grounds, a fresh supply of trophy Peacocks and the prospect of fish that haven't been molested by any other anglers. Few, other than the local natives, have ever explored the spiderweb of tributaries or investi- gated the labyrinth of oxbow lagoons that nurses this incredible fishery.
These fish haven't been pounded by lures and wood- choppers, or beat up by treble hooks. In fact, fewer than 4 dozen fishermen have any experience on the
river. Rio Marié fish act like they’ve never seen an angler before because they haven’t.
Fly fishermen definitely have the edge right now when it comes to the world of Peacock Bass, ‘cause the top river in the world has been designated as a fly fishing only, catch-and-release fishery!
John Sherman photo

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