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The lodges & outcamps of Tsimane
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TSIMANE GUESTS CAN choosebetweeneitheraone-weekstayatthe deluxe Pluma Lodge, or a week-long combination of the two smaller, more iso- lated Agua Negra Lodge and Secúre Lodge operations.These are both over- the-top fly fishing experiences in the midst of a spectacular jungle rainforest.
Guests return at the end of each exhausting day to superb accommodations, daily laundry service, and every possible amenity. The fine meals, marvelous Argentine varietals, and every cocktail, soda, and bottle of water are included in the 9-night, 6-day fishing package, along with round trip charter flights from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and overnight accommodations at the excellent Los Tajibos hotel in Santa Cruz on the night of arrival.
The fishing season begins each June with the arrival of the schools of baitfish and continues through the very predictable dry season, ending in late October.
tsimane’s pluma lodge & outcamps
The elegant Pluma Lodge was carved out of the Amazon forest, and its guests enjoy a panoramic view of a river where packs of ravenous dorado hunt schools of sabalo at all hours of the day and night.
Pluma is a once-in-a-lifetime ex- perience that is highlighted by sight- casting to monster Dorado in shallow, clear mountain streams and rivers. Veteran anglers insist it is the finest Dorado fishery on Earth!
Pluma Lodge is limited to eight (double occupancy)fly rodders each week with access to three rivers and several tributaries.
Adventurous anglers may choose to trek to the rugged Upper Pluma or Itirizama headwaters and spend a night or two in one of the headwater outcamps.
n 9-night/61⁄2 day fishing $7,600 more than just another lodge
Tsimane is a real partnership between the indigenous native community and private enterprise.These are people who have changed little, other than their garb, in a thousand years, but are invested, form a majority of the labor pool, and are taking an ever-increasing role in management and protection of their own fishery.The small tribe of Tsimane villagers participate in nearly every aspect of the operation of the lodges and camps.
Guests at Tsimane will not only enjoy phenomenal fishing, but will be immersed in local culture and surrounded by guides and other natives who contribute a great deal to what makes Tsimane more than just another lodge.
tsimane’s secúre lodge & agua negra lodge
Securé and Agua Negra Lodges are built on hardwood platforms above the jungle floor and feature three deluxe, double occupancy, African- style tents, each with bathrooms, hot water, and electric lighting.
No creature comfort is spared, and only a maximum of six anglers spend 3 or 4 nights at each of the remote rainforest lodges, before moving by boat at mid-week from one luxurious spot to the other.
Sight fishing for trophy Dorado on these small, crystal-clear Rio Pluma tributaries rates as one of the most thrilling freshwater fly rod experi- ences imaginable.
The combinaton of the Securé and Agua Negra lodge operations is the perfect angling holiday for small groups of friends.
n 9 night/61⁄2 day package $7,600

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