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This kind of fly fishing is often strenuous and best suited for physically fit anglers with a spirit of adventure
and an appetite for exotic, trophy fishing
beyond the conventional.
Tsimane anglers are accompanied each day to any one of several nearby free- stone fisheries by skilled, fly savvy, bi-lingual guides teamed with sharp-eyed native boatmen. Rivers are often as clear as any western trout stream, and though occasional tropical rainstorms may reduce clarity temporarily, these rivers usually return to nor-
mal within hours.
All the fishing here is done on foot, with anglers and
their guides quietly wading or carefully stalking and sight-casting to the brightly-colored fish from the bank Wading isn’t risky or difficult, but there’s a lot of it.
TSIMANE GUESTS TARGET different,nearbyriversand streams (Rio Pluma, Rio Itirizama, Agua Negra, and the lower Secúre River) every day. Fly rodders have a menu of action- packed options tailored to different skill levels and interests, including hiking and fishing, boating and fishing, or even spending a night at one of two intimate headwater camps.
Most anglers days are spent wading and sight fishing in the shallow, clear rivers and streams near the lodges, or drifting in native cayukas and casting (Montana-style) to the Dorado lying in ambush along the shoreline or structure, to fish that are often clearly visible, or targeting Dorado that are actively feeding in the shallows.
It’s difficult to describe the thrill of sightfishing for these large, powerful, near-neon fish in clear, warm water. Every skirmish with a Dorado is punctuated by powerful runs and acrobatic leaps, and every day in the jungle is intoxicating.
The Tsimane experience will incorporate and tax every skill in your quiver as an outdoorsman and fly fisherman. Stalking and spotting the fish, then accurately delivering a fly to an explosive, muscle-bound Dorado that’s as long as your leg is a gut check you will never forget.
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The only way to get to the grass jungle airstrip near the Tsimane tribal village is a charter flight from Santa Cruz that’s included in the package along with overnight stays at a fine Santa Cruz hotel (Los Tojibos), on the night preceding and the night after the end of the six full days of angling.
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