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The lodges & Tsimane outcamps of
This jungle safari is the most exciting fly fishing destination to arrive on the South American angling scene in decades and gets our vote as one of the three top exotic fly fisheries on Earth!
TSIMANE IS LOCATED intheheartofthe Bolivian Indigenous Territory, the country’s largest national park. It is where the verdant Amazon jungle meets the Andes. The fishing is done in clear mountain rivers and streams using light (8 weight) tackle to cast to fish that are either visible in the shallow water, busting bait, or lying in ambush behind or below structure. It’s a combination of the best aspects of steelhead, salmon, and bass fishing done in a wild, tropical, jungle setting; all of it surrounded by exotic birdlife, wildlife, and married to a near-musical cacoph-
ony of bird calls and other jungle noise.
Tsimane fly rodders have great home water less than a stone’s throw from fine riverside lodging and creature comforts that are a sharp contrast to the harsh, remote surrounding jungle environment.
Tsimane is proud of its clear rivers and phenomenal population of mega-Dorado and Amazon Pacú. But it’s only part of what makes this place great.
Tsimane is, arguably, the most amazing and most excit- ing freshwater fly fishing destination that’s entered the world of international angling in a generation.
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