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It’s not that I have an addictive personality.
There are plenty of reasons for my obsession with the fish-filled rivers of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and the north of Argentina.
THE FISH ALONE ARE REASON enough to be charmed by Latin America’s tropics. Jungle rivers harbor muscle-bound Dorado and powerful Peacock Bass that will rip a fly rod out of your hands. Mesomorphic Pacu, fanged Payara, and gargantuan Arapaima will test your skill level, demand new fly fishing tools, and challenge your stamina. In fact, the rivers of the Amazon shelter more species of fish than the entire Atlantic Ocean.
At or near the top of the list of angling targets are the spectacular Golden Dorado. Often found in crystal clear streams and rivers, it’s a fish built like a King Salmon on steroids with terrible orthodonture and a bad attitude.Tie the two species tail-to-tail, and the Dorado would first pull the scales off the Chinook, then turn around and eat it.
Each of the destinations in this magazine is intended to introduce you to more than just another fishing trip. Every spot is a world-class angling adventure accented by other, sometimes startling cultures.
This magazine is an exposé of action-packed fly fishing experiences surrounded by exotic jungle, and bathed in tropical climate. Every fish-filled day at these places is a real-life National Geographic event choreographed by Mother Nature at her most sensuous.They are filled with spectacular scenery, birds,
fish, and wildlife, and both days and nights are high- lighted by a sound track right out of a Tarzan movie.
Yes, I’m addicted.
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