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You’re in
hands with
The Fly Shop®
In the past 38 years, the staff of
The Fly Shop® has spent nearly 700 weeks exploring and visiting camps and lodges all over world.
In fact, there is no other agent in the world of fly fishing travel with more experience, or anyone better able to serve as your advocate in selecting the right place on the map to fish.
The Fly Shop® has been the recognized leader in cutting-edge
fly fishing travel for nearly four decades.That remains as true now
with our exciting portfolio of jungle fly fishing destinations as it has
been with the fresh and saltwater hotspots we pioneered in the past, from
Tierra del Fuego to above the Arctic Circle.We’ve done the work of checking these places out, separating the great fishing spots from the merely ordinary spots on six continents, so you don’t have to!
There is still time to lock up one of the super spots in the jungle this year
The time to start making plans to cross one of our exciting jungle fly fishing destinations off your bucket list is right now. Check with us about the vacancies left in the 2016 season and we’ll work hard to plug you into the very best week available.
The Fly Shop® can fit you with the experience that best suits your interests, abilities, wallet and needs.
There is no better fishing; there are no better lodges or camps; no better packages, and there are no better prices than what we can help you find.
Call us today at: 800-669-3474 or send us an e-mail, and together we’ll help you plan what will be the fly fishing trip of a lifetime.
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