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This epic moment may have made fly fishing history
WHEN THEY SAW THE SWIRL, MarceloPerezandRodrigoSalleshadtheirflyrodsinhandandwere prepared. In the previous year they had landed more double-digit Peacock Bass with fly rods than any two men before them, and a whole bunch of those fish had tipped accurate scales at or over 20 pounds, the gold standard by which all trophy Peacock Bass are measured.
The flies at the end of their terminal tackle were sharp and strong. Knots in their flawless fluorocarbon leaders were tied perfectly.Their Nautilus reels, loaded with the best line for the conditions, were up to the task of battling any fish in freshwater. And the cannons in their hands were the new Winston Jungle Rods.
They were ready for that moment.
They said the shallow lagoon on the Rio Marié didn’t appear to be any different than other water they had fished earlier that morning and the two Latin Americans were talking about their families in Spanish as they made repeated casts toward the shoreline structure.
Then the native Marié guide quietly said, “Asu”, and a startled river monster swiveled near the surface in the center of the lagoon behind them.They both pivoted like their hero, Kaka, and fired their flies to a point just beyond where the huge fish had telegraphed its presence.They paused a few moments to let them sink, then stripped the flies slowly until not one, but both anglers came up tight with two of the biggest fish either had seen on the trip.
Minutes later, the two goliath fish weighed a bit more than 23 pounds and exactly 25 pounds respectively on government certified digital scales. It was probably the largest Peacock Bass double hookup in fly fishing history.
Winston’s Boron III Plus Jungle Rods
These are serious rods for serious anglers and tough fish. The three extra powerful, reinforced Jungle Rods are designed specifically for Peacock Bass and Dorado. These models have all the extra power that is necessary to generate incredible line speed.
n Quick loading, with a strong tip to drive big flies n Strong mid-section for line control
n Reinforced butt section for added lifting power n Large tip-top helps deliver larger lines accurately n Reinforced throughout to combat big, tough fish n Winston’s oversized hard chrome nano-lite snake-
style ”shooting guides” for turbo-charged casts n High performance boron/composite for strength n Montana-made, with the finest U.S.A materials n Four-piece models for easy travel
They have the muscle to drive oversized-head lines (Outbound and Titan Tapers) and monster flies. The fast action forms a smooth loop quickly and is easy to cast all day long. And Boron III provides the fighting and lifting power needed for big, big fish.
n n
n n
Up-locking, hard-anodized, all-aluminum reel seat with double locking rings and a pocketed slide
A long (7”) Full Wells grip with short fighting butt to improve grasp of the rod and help with leverage Unmatched Winston quality and craftsmanship Three Jungle Rod models:
8’9” 8 weight for easy, all-day casting
9’ 8 weight for extra distance and line control 9’ 9 weight for mega-fish
In-stock at The Fly Shop and priced at $895 each s phone 800-669-3474 23

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