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Our next frontier in jungle angling
THERE’S NO OTHER FISHING likethisintheworld!TheRioIririandits Brazilian highland tributaries are born in granite, carry little or no sendiment, and flow gin-clear even after all but the worst of rain. Below the Kendjam village the aquarium-like, easily waded river splits into miles of long braids which rejoin the main river, then separate and rejoin again and again downstream. The phenomenon creates a spectacular and unique tropical setting, accentuated by the presence of Payara, Peacock Bass, powerful Bicuda, prehistoric Trairao that will attack surface flies, and two species of Pacu.
The aquarium-like clarity, the ideal wading conditions, and the wealth of awesome gamefish all combine to make this a sight-fishing paradise for fly fishermen.
The Iriri fish are naive, and ultra-aggressive. Few will ever have seen a fly, and much of the action is on the surface. Poppers, hoppers, Snook-a-roos, and large Chernobyls all drive the fish to attack and the variety of resident fish make the results unpredictable.
Very little time is spent boating and anglers are on their feet for most of the day, surrounded by a verdant jungle, accompanied by talented English-speaking guides, and hosted by the Kayapo.
Considering its location the African-style tent lodge borders on luxurious, with fine food, wines, electricity, SAT phone service, and internet access.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime fly fishing and cultural adventure you won’t want to miss.

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