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“I confess! Its true. I’m a Jungle Junkie.”
STAB ME WHEN I WAS A KID andsteelhead blue blood would have flowed from the wound. So much so that I chose my college in the 1960’s only because of its proximity to epic steelhead and salmon fishing on the northern California coast.
The hue of the angling passion coursing through my veins changed color slightly when I was introduced to Alaska trout fishing and I became so thoroughly addicted to our 49th state that I bought a fly fishing lodge.
My fishing fanaticism shifted direction again when I first stepped into saltwater with a fly rod, then reversed its course when I got hooked on Kamchatka trout fishing, and detoured once more when my focus shifted to the angling in Chile, Argentina, and Tierra del Fuego.
Now, I’ve found the temptations of angling in tropical rain forest rivers to be utterly irresistible and confess to being strung out on fly fishing the Amazon.
My name is Mike and I’m a Jungle Junkie.
The lure of the

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