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Make your plans now to fish the Rio Marié
FLY FISHERMEN DEFINITELY havetheedgerightnowwhenitcomesto Peacock Bass, because the number one river has been dedicated fly fishing only and catch and release. Proof is that nearly half of those who have fished the Marié in the two seasons since the indigenous natives opened the door to sport fishing have hooked and landed a Peacock Bass over 20 pounds.
The whole Marié experience is over-the-top. Fishing is beyond fantastic; the tropical environment is breathtaking; the accommodations are deluxe; and the service is beyond criticism. At this point it goes without saying the Rio Marié is unquestionably the finest trophy Peacock Bass experience on Earth, and qualifies as one of the great fishing trips on the world map today.
This is now the gold standard in the rarified world of trophy angling.
rio marié
The 2016 Marié package includes fine overnight accommodations in Manaus on the night prior to the round-trip floatplane flight to the mothership.
Accommodations aboard feature very spacious suites, WiFi, private baths, Internet access, air conditioning, panoramic picture window views, and daily laundry service.
The guides are professional, English-speaking fly fishermen, supplemented by native boatmen using state-of-the-art fishing skiffs. We promise excellent meals, fine wines, and all beverages. Weekly schedules begin in September and continue through the dry season ending in mid-December.
n 7-nights 6-days fishing $7,325
Behind the scenes at the Rio Marié...
IN THE SPRING of2014Brazil’sgovernmentjoined indigenous Marié villagers to establish conservation guidelines for their fishery, working to protect the
interests of the natives while creating a huge sanctuary for their wildlife. Then they established the largest fly fishing only, catch-and-release preserve in South America. It was a red-letter day for our sport.Those same Indians participate in nearly every aspect of the Rio Marié fly fishing operation and are a vital link in the infrastructure.
The jungle is their home and their presence adds comfort, confidence, reassurance and a marvelous cultural aspect to the week spent as their guests. Anglers will thoroughly enjoy the hospitality and the marvelous work ethic of the native support staff aboard the mothership, as well as their wry sense of humor and intimate knowledge of the riverine environment on constant display by the talented Marié Indian boatmen.

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