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Unquestionably, the most remote river and the finest Peacock Bass fishing in the
The isolated Rio Marié is the most distant sport fishery in the entire Amazon basin. Its seldom-seen headwaters are more than 500 air miles northwest of Manaus in an impenetrable rainforest near the border that separates Brazil and Colombia. There are no nearby roads, no airstrips, and the only viable way to get there is by boat or amphibious float plane. Still, getting to Rio Marié has been made easy. At least, relatively easy by Amazonian standards. The amphibious Cessna Caravan plane flight from Manaus leaves bright and early each Wednesday morning, and takes about two and a half hours to cover a minimum of 350 nautical miles. Nearly all of the flight is above primitive jungle. The float plane accommodates eight passengers and luggage, with one brief refueling stop necessary before anglers taxi to a stop on the river in the extreme northwest corner of Brazil.
THE MARIÉ IS UNIQUE, even in sparsely populated Brazil, with 480 miles of exclusive catch-and-release, “fly fishing only” river in a part of the world where fisheries are often shared by half a dozen conventional tackle operations all season long.
Using a fleet of floatplanes to get to the constantly changing mothership location, this angling adventure will soon begin its 3rd season more than
100 kilometers upriver from the
confluence of the Marié and Rio Negro.The mobile Untamed Amazon and its precious cargo of anglers will be moved based on the current conditions of the Marié. In high water conditions, the mother ship will be moved up into the headwaters to keep anglers in fish able water, even in the worst of rains. In low water conditions, we will move the mother ship into the lower river where conditions will be move favorable.. Each new day will greet new water, a constantly replenished supply of naive trophy Peacock Bass, and the promise of fishing a portion of river that has seldom been fished.
The upper reaches of the two major Rio Marié tributaries and the
river’s headwaters previously declared off-limits by government biologists will also be open to our anglers for the first time in the 2016 season.
Anglers taxi in pairs to their daily fishing beats in custom-crafted outboard skiffs designed specifically for fly fishing the Amazon. Guests are guided by sharp-eyed native boatmen and a member of one of the finest teams of English-
speaking, expert flyfishing guides ever assembled in the Amazon.
As far as rain forests go, weather in this distant corner of the Amazon, located only 1° South in latitude, has a relatively reliable long “dry” season in the Fall. From the beginning of September through the end of December, the Rio Marie’ is predictably in good shape. Added to the fact that the 680 km long system gives us the ability to move the entire operation up into the headwaters, where the water and fish can’t flood into the jungle, even when the weather does open up and raise the lower river. No other river in the Amazon has such safety protection from what Mother Nature can bring.

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