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Plan now to be among
the intrepid fly fishermen to visit
the most exciting peacock bass fishery
of the 21st century
The Rio Marié is the single most significant addition to the world of catch-and-release fly fishing since Russia opened the Kola’s Atlantic Salmon rivers and the rainbow trout of Kamchatka to western anglers at the end of the last century.
TO BE ABLE tograspthe importance of the creation of this exclusive catch-and- release fly fishery one must understand that in the Peacock Bass angling world only two things matter (their size and numbers) and the Rio Marié is widely recognized as the top trophy Peacock Bass fishery in all the Amazon. Now it is strictly regulated as fly fishing only and catch-and- release. It’s a big deal!
In fact, Brazil’s very own Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has conducted several intensive biological studies in the Rio Marié region (and in nearly every other river located in the Brazilian Amazon).Their research has proven conclusively that the Rio Marié holds at least twice the number of double-digit Peacock
Bass, and a much higher
percentage of trophy-
sized peacock bass
when compared with
any other known sport
fishing destination in
the Rio Negro basin.
Those same fisheries
biologists figure that somewhere in the stretch
of the Rio Marié there
are more than enough
trophy Peacock Bass to
completely re-write the
World Record books.
between Jerry Lewis and Joe Louis.
It helps in understanding the fish-rich Marié, to be familiar with the immensity of Brazil’s Amazon Basin and of the huge Amazon River itself, which first springs to life in Colombian, Bolivia and Peru. When the river enters Brazil it has only one-fifth of the flow that will finally discharge into the Atlantic. And though the Rio Marié stretches 800 from its own rainforest origin near the Colombian border to its confluence with the huge Rio Negro, it is only a tiny part of the river network that eventually combines to accommodate nearly
25% of all the fresh water on Earth.
In a class by itself
The serpentine Rio Marié is entirely located inside an enormous, protected indigenous territory. The sanctuary now covers an area of more than 4.5 million acres, more than 800 kilometers of river and three major tributaries, more than 180 known creeks, and upward of 60 known lagoons. It boasts the single largest population of trophy peacock bass in the Amazon, and now every inch of it is strictly regulated fly fishing only and catch- and-release.
Untamed Angling has been awarded this remarkable concession and, in turn, has selected The Fly Shop as their exclusive North American agent.
Until this operation began in the Fall of 2014, less than a few dozen non-natives had ever been allowed to fish the Marié, and no one has completely explored the entire spiderweb of tributaries and complex labyrinth of oxbow lagoons that nurses this incredible fishery.
The monster Marié Peacock Bass haven’t been pounded by lures and woodchoppers and, in our abbreviated 2-season history, only about 100 fly rodders have been lucky enough to visit this incredibly fish-rich river. Nearly all of them have returned with fish stories that are hard to swallow. But there’s little question after these two seasons and no doubt now that the Rio Marie rates as the Amazon’s absolute best trophy Peacock Bass fishery. For serious fly fishermen, all this translates into a real chance for a much larger-than-average Peacock Bass, possibly even the fish of a lifetime on a fly.This is the ultimate in fly fishing privacy and a level of angling freedom, excellence, and opportunity found in few other locations on Earth.
Of course, these fish
aren’t really bass at all.
They are cichlids, and
unlike our own Largemouth, the bigger a
Peacock Bass gets, the stronger and more powerful they are, the harder they pull, and the better they fight. Simply put, the difference between a Largemouth, small Peacock Bass, and the burly mega-models found in the Rio Marié is much like the difference
Nearly all of them have returned with fish stories that are hard
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